Meditation is Easy. If you can Breathe, you can Meditate.


Here are three short inviting Meditations to try that show you how you can Meditate. And below are “Some Tips on Meditating”

First Light Meditation. A Good Way to Start Your Day!

Two Minute Meditation

Smile Meditation

Some Tips on Meditating

Meditation is Easy. If you can Breathe, you can Meditate.

You can meditate just about anywhere. You can meditate on a train, a plane, during your lunch break, in the park, waiting in a doctor’s office or in the comfort of your home.

If possible, find a quiet, comfortable place to sit, relaxed with your back straight. There are no special types of postures, hand positions or accessories (like candles, incense, bells or flowers) required to meditate. If you enjoy these, you may use them but they’re not necessary.

If you can, limit your distractions such as turning off your cell phone, or choosing a location with fewer interruptions. But accept distractions when they happen.

Settle in your body, relax, breathe and be aware of what is happening in your body. Breathe and be aware of your emotions. Breathe and be aware of your thoughts. Simply be present in the moment. If a stray thought comes into your mind, let it pass on without much attention, and bring your focus gently back to your mediation. If feelings or bodily sensations arise, do not follow them, just gently come back in your meditation. Even brief meditations can renew and refresh you.

If something has upset you or you’re feeling stressed or anxious, a soothing mediation can bring you back to peace and balance. Try the “Two-minute Meditation” and extend it if you like.

Meditation is a good way to begin your day, bringing in peace and good thoughts and feelings that can set the note of your entire day to come. Notice how meditation can help make the day go more smoothly and how it uplifts your mood. Try the “First Light Meditation”.

If you feel you don’t have time for even a quick meditation, just focus on your breathing, in and out, in and out, and that simple focus will bring you some ease and relaxation.

Enjoy and delight in meditation. It’s easy to do, can be done almost anywhere and it brings such benefits. Let meditation be simple, nurturing and enjoyable – a gift you give yourself!


As you become more and more comfortable with meditation, you might want to try some additional meditations that are a little longer that we’ll be sharing later on. They can bring you, even more, peace, insights, and well-being. And you can use them to benefit others as well.