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The Spiritual Life TV Channel features Wisdom Teachings from many spiritual traditions and gives a practical focus that shows how a person can use these teachings to live a more spiritual life. ~~ The Spiritual Life TV Channel teachings recognize and honor the divine potential within each person. They share insights, methods, and encouragement for you to advance your spiritual unfoldment and achieve your potential. They shine a light on what Life is all about and why we are here. They offer deeper understandings coming from Ageless Wisdom teachings from the East and West, as well as philosophy, religion, science and more.

The wisdom teachings come from many sources, but they share a common thread about our innate goodness, and the value of love, compassion, kindness and good will. ~~ Our World is in a period of dramatic change, and this change can be a “shift” to a higher vision and way of living, and a more conscious evolution. Each of us has the opportunity to make our own life better, and the World better, and thus everyone benefits. We all can reach for this higher vision of possibility, happiness and beauty and then together with joy, we can make it happen.

Featured Videos:


Presenting the Oneness of Humanity Award to the Dalai Lama


Igniting the Holomovement in Sedona 2023


Know Yourself & The Seven Rays of Life Energies


Olivia Hansen: Building A Bridge Over Troubled Waters


Unity Earth Journey to the Holy Land for UN Interfaith Harmony


Death & Dying Well ~ Overcoming Fear of Death


An Inside Look at the Dalai Lama, Kalachakra & the World Peace Talk

Stephen Dinan, CEO of the Shift Network

Stephen Dinan: Sacred America, Sacred World

Deborah Rozman: HeartMath

Deborah Rozman: HeartMath Intelligence


Steve Farrell: Humanity’s Team – On Oneness


Glenn Mullin: Easy Enlightenment – A Faster Path for Everyone

Cassandra Vieten

Cassi Vieten: How We Change & Why We Don’t


Barbara Marx Hubbard: Evolutionary Spirituality

The Coming of the World Teacher

The Coming of the World Teacher – Maitreya/Christ

Olivia Hansen: Spirituality That’s Beyond Religion

Spirituality That’s Beyond Religion: The Dalai Lama


Michael Robbins: Love & Wisdom thru the Five D’s

Laurence Newey

Laurence Newey: Electric Body, Electric Universe

Sandra De Castro Buffington

Sandra de Castro Buffington: Yoga Uniting East & West


Rose Bates: Alice Bailey’s Grandson’s Memories & Photos


Anne Owens-Stone: Spiral Dynamics – Part 1

Finley Eversole

Finley Eversole: FREE Energy – Our Future

Olivia Hansen

Olivia Hansen:
Bridging the Divide

Dean Radin

Dean Radin – Supernormal: ESP

Walter Pullen

A Wise & Loving Approach to the Unloving

Brief Daily Meditations:

First Light Meditation

First Light Meditation

Two Minute Meditation

Two Minute Meditation

Smile Meditation

Smile Meditation

Breathe in With Joy, Breathe Out With Joy

Breathe In With Joy, Breathe Out With Joy

From Many Spiritual Traditions


The Golden Rule Video


The Wesak Festival

Spiritual Quotes Video

Spiritual Quotes Video


The Great Invocation World Prayer

Insights About….

  • What is the Key to Spirituality? How can we tap more of our innate goodness? How can we feel good about ourselves? How can we feel good about others, and Life itself?

  • What is the Purpose of Life? Why are we here? Is there a divine plan? What about free will? How can we find our individual purpose in Life?

  • Who and What am I as a Human Being? What about being a Soul and Spirit? What about being a Personality-Persona? Do I really know Myself?

  • What is Love and the Power of Love? How valuable are Love, Compassion, Kindness and Good Will? What is the Wisdom and Power of the Heart?

  • What about Interconnectedness? Could there be a Oneness of Life? Could the Human Family really be One? Could Everything on the Planet be connected as One? Everything in the Universe as One? Is this possible?

  • What is Karma? Does what we send out really come back to us? What can we do about it? Is there good karma as well as bad karma?

  • What Happens When We Die? Is there Life after Death? If so what is it like? How would we know? What about near-death experiences?

  • What is Reincarnation? Could I have lived before? Is this really possible? How could it work?

  • What is the Secret to Happiness? Can we be Happy most of the time in our life? What do we need to do to find Happiness?

  • How Can I Help Make the World Better? What is my contribution to the Well-being of Other People in our 8 billion people human family? and to Animals, Plants and Mother Earth? What am I already doing? How can I do more – and Collaborate with Others to expand my efforts ~ gaining inspiration, encouragement, companionship and joy?