Daily Global Silent 5
 Min.-7 am LA,10 am NY
VIDEO of the Live Broadcast LAUNCH April 16 of GLOBAL SILENT FIVE MINUTES to HEAL OUR WORLD, DAILY at 2 pm GMT, with Speakers:
Father Joshtrom Kureethadamm, from the Vatican representing Pope Francis with some words from him;  Sister Jenna, Brama Kumaris;  Sri Sri Ravishankar; Art of Living Foundation, India;  Ben Bowler, Unity Earth;  Gidon Bromberg, EchoPeace-Israel;  Tim Boyd, Theosophical Society, International;  Dot Maver, Global Silent Minute;  Olivia Hansen, Synthesis Foundation, with words from His Holiness Dalai Lama;  Pat McCabe, Dineh (Navajo)Nation;  Prince Ermias Selasie of Ethiopia;  Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Hague Center for Global Governance;  Estella Tustanovsky, Pax Cultural Argentina;  Dr. H.R.Nagendra, Yoga advisor to Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi;  and Jon and Sommer Ramer, Sine Network. ~~~
The GLOBAL SILENT FIVE MINUTES IS DAILY AT 2 pm GMT  (7 am Los Angeles, 10 am New York, 3 pm London, 7:30 pm Delhi).  Please Join us Collectively at that time — or when you can during the day, Each Day. ~~~
Together as One Human Family, we can bring Healing and Improvement to our World. ❤