The Spiritual Life TV Channel

Practical Wisdom for Spiritual Living

The Spiritual Life TV Channel is the initiative of Olivia Hansen, a long-time student, and teacher of spiritual wisdom who draws from many spiritual traditions. She delights in sharing spiritual wisdom teachings with other people which can help make their lives happier and more spiritually fulfilled.

In this time of dynamic global change, Olivia sees the opportunity to consciously “shift” ourselves and the world into a higher way of interconnected living that fulfills our own life purpose and benefits everyone. She feels we can enhance our life and the world through spiritual living that is transformative, inspiring, joyous and fun.

Olivia works with many collaborators, teachers, authors, and presenters as well as a dynamic creative media team to present the spiritual wisdom in an easy to understand and practical way.

She can be reached at OliviaHansen@SpiritualLifeTVChannel.com

Olivia Hansen

Olivia Hansen